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BlackBerry Banque de données Viewer will help you to view the contents of your Bureau databases like MS Access, FoxPro, dBase, Excel and any ODBC Compliant Banque de données like Oracle, SQL Server on BlackBerry through the USB cable.
0.59 Mb

ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter is a very useful tool that converts messages and contacts from IPD (BlackBerry backup) files to any document format (PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, TXT, DOC, MDB, XLS, etc.) easily and quickly.
1.47 Mb

View and sync Microsoft Access, Excel, Foxpro,Oracle, SQL Server or any ODBC enabled Banque de données on BlackBerry.Update data on BlackBerry. Make a phone call from transferred Banque de données. Create new Banque de données on BlackBerry. Export record to Memo Pad.
0.92 Mb

Expense Report Wizard is the fastest and easiest way to automatically create your expense reports. Enter expenses on your BlackBerry using the Expense Recorder software. Manage and submit your expense reports using the Expense Report Wizard website.
0.41 Mb

MA 3.2 includes enhanced Oracle & Citrix administration, customizable Sécurité, RSA administration enhancements, and feature additions for Active Directory, Novell, Windows Administration, Integrated Lights Out (iLo) Administration and Backup Exec
2.76 Mb

The Enterprise Java Application Server (EJAS) is a framework for developing and executing Distributed Applications. These Applications provide Système-level services such as Transaction Management, Sécurité, Client Connectivity and Banque de données Access.
16.7 Mb

TSMobiles (Terminal Service for Mobiles) is excellent for remote accessing to the computer from Java powered phones and Symbian mobiles.
0.22 Mb

The ultimate mail managment tool. Forward your e-mail from either Hotmail/MSN or POP3 accounts to any number of destination accounts. Forward from ANY Hotmail/MSN folder, backup your mail, get Hotmail on your mobile phone plus many many more options!
0.59 Mb

IndieVolume allows every application have separate volume/mute level, independent from other applications volume/mute level. It allows per-application selection of playback device. It allows to mute any application when selected applcation is playing
1.95 Mb

jWebApp is a J2EE Model-View-Controller Développement Web framework
1.70 Mb

jWebApp is a J2EE Model-View-Controller Développement Web framework
1.70 Mb

Simple calculator for calculating Body Fat Percentage on your BlackBerry handheld. It calculates Body Fat Percentage with the help of rules applied in U.S. Army stanards set forth in AR 600-9.
0.00 Mb

Application as Service is an advanced Système Utilitaire which lets you run any application as Windows 2000/XP/2003 Service at Système boot. Specify application priority, run your program without the need of a user session and many more features.
1.95 Mb

Create single instance applications linked to associated file types. When the associated file is double clicked it will be handled by a single instance of your application. This lets your application to act like Media Player rather than Notepad.
0.5 Mb

* IMAP email server support! * Interactive 2-way wireless query/response, reply to sender, and info on demand - from your own data sources! * Launch other apps and processes from wireless devices or by email command * Remote email PC control
0.68 Mb

TeamIntegrator (TI) is a web-based groupware and Gestion de projets tool for joint project activities, collaboration and communication. TeamIntegrator is the best solution for companies with mobile employees.
1.18 Mb

BibleReader for your handheld device including Pocket PC, Palm OS, Smartphone, Symbian, and BlackBerry, is a full featured Bible reading and study application.
2.74 Mb

DB3NF is a Rapid Web Application Development platform (RAD) designed for fast and easy creation of high performance, maintainable and scalable Web applications of virtually any kind.
1.54 Mb

FXWitz is a professional suite flash template-based application easy-to-use for developing, with its highend templates, easily, in lightning speed with only a few mouse clicks and keystrokes, stunning and impressive professional Slideshow and more.
27.21 Mb
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It allows to make from any Perl/PHP/MySQL/SQLite-based site a CDROM, which once put to tray, will run off CDROM and will open in a browser on Windows,MacOSX and Linux. It also allows to convert them into Bureau applications with installer.
3.01 Mb

Apache for cdroms! It allows to make from any Perl/PHP/MySQL/SQLite-based site a CDROM, which once put to tray, will run off CDROM and will open in a browser on Windows,MacOSX and Linux. Bureau applications with installer can also be created.
20.01 Mb

Ken Messenger is an Instant Messaging software. Works either with our free public server or with your own private Instant Messenger Server
7.0 Mb

Ken Messenger Server the Instant Messenger Server working with our IM Ken Messenger.
10.0 Mb

Winning RAD Tool on the Rad Race 2004/2005! Create Web Applications. You can quickly develop an application without Programmation. No worries about 3-Tier Architecture, Webservices, Sécurité, Role-based Access, Workfow and Deployment. It's Easy!
8.75 Mb

Build full-scale Windows applications without writing code or just learn Programmation with this Général-purpose rapid development tool.
1 Mb

BA Architect is much more than a unified platform for your end-user Banque de données applications. Its RAD procedures will help you create Banque de données and reporting applications with rich features, Sécurité and validation controls in less than 15 minutes.
21.33 Mb

AllToTray allows you to minimize ANY program to your Système Tray. When a program is minimized, AllToTray removes the application taskbar button and adds its icon in the Système Tray. This tool is useful for Outlook Express and many more programs.
0.58 Mb

Grokker gives research-intensive organizations a better way to retrieve and leverage their information assets. Corporate libraries and universities use the web-based Grokker to provide researchers with federated content access and clustered results.
N/A Mb

Mindsoft Utilitaires XP can be used by computer professionals as well as amateurs that have limited knowledge of these types of Outils. The interface allows for easy navigation and high efficiency.
12.56 Mb

Protara is an easier way to build applications for Windows or Windows Mobile. Use an integrated development environment to design forms using a drag/drop style.
7.78 Mb

Applications allow users to use free bilingual dictionaries offline. You can Télécharger compatible free dictionaries at: and at: Online dictionaries are at:
1.56 Mb

Run Service ActiveX by Eltima is a powerful tool for quick creation of Windows Service from your applications. All that you have to do is register the ActiveX Control in your Système, place it on the form and use all the benefits of Windows Services.
0.95 Mb

CM DiskCleaner is an award-winning disk cleaning and optimizing tool for your computer. Get all the Outils you need to find and remove garbage files, temporary internet files, history, cookies, index dat files, Windows registry entries and much more.
6.35 Mb

Applications allow users to use free bilingual dictionaries offline. You can Télécharger compatible free dictionaries at: and at: Online dictionaries are at:
1.56 Mb

Hide applications window or close them completely through Mouse Hotkey or Keyboard Hotkey.Resize your programs automatically,such as maximize,minimize,normal,minimize to tray.Set specific windows transparency and arrange the windows on taskbar.
0.86 Mb

Powerful and user-friendly platform for building custom Affaires software. It is easy to learn and entirely modifiable by managers as requirements change. No knowledge of Programmation required.
0.000 Mb

A free file launching Utilitaire that lists all files available for launching and, if required, shows a description of each file. To open a file, the user simply selects a file from the list and clicks a button.
0.07 Mb

Define meaningful words as global commands for repetitive tasks to: open applications, folders, and websites; compose emails and insert autotext. Use them across all applications without taking your fingers off the keyboard.
3.25 Mb

Express Rip is a program for Windows that lets you extract digital audio tracks directly from audio CDs to either Wave (wav) or MPEG Layer-3 (mp3) files on your harddrive.
0.23 Mb

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